breeding mares

Here we want to show you some of our breeding mares.

We can always offer you some mares of our friends with special pedigrees and prooven damlines.

name pedigree in foal to foals 2022
Donna Scura De Niro - Lacantus   Vitalis
Fiamma D`Oro Floriscount - Lauries Crusador xx - Weltmeyer Geronimo G (Glamourdale - Escolar) Dante US
Clementinchen Christ - Rotspon - Imperator Straight Horse Finest Hour Jameson
Donna Leon Douceur - Ehrentusch - Frühlingstraum Straight Horse Finest Hour  
Fire in Heaven Floriscount - Quaterback - De Niro Viva Vitalis Shu Fu
Dairy Belle Da Costa - Fürstenball - Londonderry Viva Vitalis  
Finn Roses Floriscount - Diamond Hit - Rubinstein Shu Fu  
Severine Sezuan - Sandro Hit - Weltmeyer   Fürst Jazz